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    Workouts Throughout the Year

    It is known that our muscles adapt to our workouts as they become stronger. Repeating the same workout over time become less effective as the muscles become more efficient. The best…

  • DIY

    Workout Bench

    So my home gym was in need of a workout bench and I had some spare 2x4s and 2x6s and the result was a cheap and effective bench. I was originally…

  • Lifestyle

    New Addition to the Blog

    I am an avid lover of music and constantly have music on. Anytime someone makes a suggestion, I will check it out. So I wanted to share some songs that I…

  • DIY

    Ideas from the Web

    I am always looking for new and creative¬†builds done by other people. These are a select few that I either want to build or just really like. I will let the…

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    Favorite Things

    Galileo Thermometer – A decorative thermometer for my desk. I definitely prefer looking at it as opposed a digital thermometer to tell the temperature. If you wanted to know exactly what…