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  • Lifestyle

    Too Much Self-Help

    There exists a large quantity of self-help material in our world. I recently was reading and listening to several blogs, podcasts and books when it dawned on me that maybe this…

  • Lifestyle

    Love Your Work Desk

    Whether you work in a public location, at home or in an a traditional office, odds are you’ll want a space that is relaxing and productive. There is no one way…

  • Lifestyle

    Window Shopping

    Window shopping is a fun way to control your budget (assuming you are steadfast and know you are only browsing). My amazon wish list is extremely long and if money wasn’t…

  • Lifestyle

    Favorite Things From August

    Before moving forward, we all accept that materialism isn’t good, right? Good. With that said, sometimes we want to brag about things that we think are awesome. These three items are…