Love Your Work Desk

Whether you work in a public location, at home or in an a traditional office, odds are you’ll want a space that is relaxing and productive. There is no one way to do work that is the best. There always pros and cons to, like all things in life. I believe there is still a right and wrong way to work regardless of locale. There is a happy medium between a relaxing and productive that will inspire you to accomplish anything.

With the start of a new year, many people review their goals and one of those is often their careers. I often read about people who want to break out of their office desk job to be a digital nomad and work wherever their heart desires. Sitting on a beach while you work sounds like a dream. How productive can that really be though. Do you need to charge devices? Can any every career field do that? What about working in coffee shops or other public locations. Are you able to work without being distracted by sights and sounds? Will the ergonomics of locations be bad for your health? Lastly, a white walled cubicle can sound extremely uninspirational. Regardless of your goal location to work, you must still be realistic about how productive you can be at all given times.

There are specific things that are universal to promote happiness and productivity but it is first important to note that this discussion is assuming you enjoy the work you do. Simply changing your location will not change how you feel about the work you are doing. If you spend your time entering data and it bores you, doing that at a coffee shop will not make you like it more. More than likely you will find ways to distract yourself from doing the work. Here are three tips that generally promote a more happy work space.

Keep work space organized

Clutter creates stress. As a maker, it is sometimes hard for me to throw things away that could have a potential second life. So I save stuff and in the past most of it wasn’t necessary. I’ve learned that building materials are okay to store in my shop but the collection of stuff stops there (it is organized). Other spaces shouldn’t have clutter and this includes your desk. Instead of creating a pile for shredding, take the time to get up and shred the paper. You can incorporate tasks like that into mini breaks. Everyday at the end of the day your desk should be clean.

Introduce greenery

Indoor plants rock. Not only can they be aesthetically pleasing they can purify the air. It’s been rolling around that immersion is nature is relaxing so why bring some nature to your desk. If you’re worried about killing plants, there are ones that are extremely hard to kill. I mean you have to intentionally try to kill them because they’re that hardy. I have a lot of succulents in the window sill next to my desk both full grown and ones I’m propagating.

Have 1 item that makes you happy

I do not know if this is actually beneficial but I like to have one thing that makes me happy. One thing is not enough to clutter a space and it serves as a constant reminder of why you work. It doesn’t matter how it makes you happy or why so long as it does. For me I have a Mumford and Sons record sitting in a little stand I made.

The three general guidelines will help you feel less stressful and more productive when working at your desk. One more thing I like relates to my computer. I hide all icons on my desktop and use inspirational photos for both wallpaper and lock screens.

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