Scrap Wood Cabinet Drawers

In the never-ending process of changing my maker space, I created some wood cabinet drawers out of scrap pieces. Drawers with wooden slides are significantly less expensive than using metal slides. I had some space under my workbench that I used as storage. for miscellaneous stuff like a toolbox and books. I decided the space would be better utilized if it I built drawers into it. I had already built this style of drawers on the right side and originally didn’t intend to have a set of drawers on the left as well. This left the awkward problem of a gap between the sets or wider drawers. I went with the gap and decided it was an excellent place to stick large flat pieces of material.

The drawers were made of scrap tongue and groove pine flooring leftovers from a friend’s project. The tongue and groves were cut away first. I used 1/4-inch luan for the drawer bottoms and 3/4-inch plywood served as the frame. First steps is to always plan all necessary cuts ahead of time. The drawers were 14-inches wide and 20-inches deep. The slides are 1″ strips that have been ripped from the pine boards. After I had all the cuts done, I routed out a 1/4-inch dado for the bottom of the drawers.

The back of the drawers are connected with a plain butt joint. Pocket screws were used to attach the front. Since I was making these for the shop I was more concerned with functionality than aesthetic so I was slightly sloppy with the measurements between the drawers. The pull handles are left over from the kitchen remodel. In the end I only had to buy one 2’x4′ piece of luan so the project was cheap overall. The friction from the slides is not enough to make it difficult to pull the drawers out.

I feel I am now one step closer to being more productive….

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