Window Shopping

Window shopping is a fun way to control your budget (assuming you are steadfast and know you are only browsing). My amazon wish list is extremely long and if money wasn’t an issue, I’d need a shop the size of a warehouse to hold all the tools, gadgets and gizmos I’d like. By keeping a list I am able to curate it at any point if I no longer want something. So if something resides on my list for awhile, I know it’s something I want and not just a splurge desire. From my list, these are some of the more interesting things that would be fun to have.

Airbrush – I’d like to get into model making and an airbrush is an extremely useful tool for more realistic paint jobs. I’ve never used one before though, so for all, I know it could be a flop.

Turntable – I need a new player for my vinyls. The Audio Technica has received great reviews from audiophiles.

Paper Model – This looks amazing which isn’t surprising since it comes from Studio Ghibli.

Keyboard – I love the way this looks. If only I could get a wireless version.

Glowforge – Laser cutter, enough said.

Jars – These jars look like they are useful for everything from food to DIY gift ideas that you make.


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