Vinyl and Business Card Display

Record Display

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a build. Now that I am collecting vinyl, I wanted a way to display one on my desk. Most displays of vinyls I see are stacks or framed. Stacks don’t really display the artwork and frames would require you to ssplit up the vinyl from the case. Alas, I decided to create a stand that would hold the vinyl upright on any flat surface. I also decided to make a business card holder while I was at it, using the same method to keep my desk uniform.

The process started with some left over 3/4″ dark walnut that I purchased for a chess board. I started by cutting a 7″ by 3 1/2″ piece on my table saw. Make note that you select the grain direction you want. I wanted the grain to run the length of the stand but that was my preference. I had a 2″ square scrap that I used for the business cards.

Record Display build 1

After the pieces were cut I had to make a slot for the vinyl and business cards to sit in. I could have done this with a router but since the pieces were small enough that a few passes with the table saw does the trick. The router would have just required more work. I cut the slot 1/2″ deep. I wasn’t sure how wide I needed the slot to be but after measuring and testing, I recommend a minimum of 1/4″ wide. The test vinyl and cover I used were slightly thinner than the current one residing in the stand and it is almost too snug for comfort. For the business cards, it doesn’t really matter how wide you make it as long as you keep it proportionate to the depth, so the cards will actually be held upright.

Record Display build 2

Satisfied with the tests of the slot width, I did end up getting the router out to bevel the edges. I used a 45 degree bit on the front and back edges of the stand leaving the sides untouched. I could see someone making this using more ornate edges, all the way around even.

Record Display build 3

The vital and boring sanding came next before polishing. I’m still undecided on what polish I like to use so I’m still testing them out. I like the way this one turned out and if I remember correctly it came from the big blue store.

Record Display build 4

Record Display

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