Favorite Things From August

Before moving forward, we all accept that materialism isn’t good, right? Good. With that said, sometimes we want to brag about things that we think are awesome. These three items are some things I’ve been particularly excited about this past month. They’ve been in my life for various amounts of time. Side note before I begin talking about them, the links to purchase everything are all to Amazon but I am not an affiliate. It’s just how I do all of my shopping on Amazon.

Logitech MX Master mouse – I love this mouse. It has the perfect amount of buttons while feeling amazing. There are two scroll wheels, vertical and horizontal. If you do any work in Adobe or Autodesk you will appreciate this. When surfing the web, I use the two thumb buttons next to the scroll wheel for my forward and backward navigation. I use the third thumb button, which you may not even realize exists, to navigate all of my open windows. The vertical mouse scroll has different settings to allow you to quickly scroll through large documents. It’s also crafted with nice material and I love the uniqueness of the stone color (the one I have).

GorillaPod SLR Zoom – I am finding this small tripod extremely useful. Since it is smaller than a traditional tripod it is easier for me to use around the workshop. I can pick up the camera and shoot, set it on any surface or hang it from something. The flexibility is amazing (get it?). I’m also beginning to tamper with video blogging now that I have it. The ball joints are stiff so the camera stays put when you walk away and there is no fear of it sliding or moving. For some reason, I have an urge to hang it upside and use it that way but I haven’t had to yet.

Fitbit Blaze – I have always considered myself health conscious and thought a Fitbit would be a great way to keep myself motivated. Well, it turns out the reason I love it most, is not for its step tracking but because of the fact that I can get notifications on it from my phone. I can finally put my phone down and not worry about missing business calls/texts. Putting the phone down helps remove the temptation to do time wasting activities. I am still working on collecting a larger sample of data before I begin to look at my sleep and heart rate details. It is supposed to be able to track calories while working out and has the ability to track various exercises, but I do not trust the calories burned for these. I already use Runkeeper to track my runs as well making the Fitbit redundant. What I do use and like is the heart rate monitor. A simple look at my wrist lets me know if I need to push harder or let up.

Amazon Links:

Logitech MX Master
Joby GorillaPod with Ballhead
Fitbit Blaze

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